College Recruiting

basketballAs a coach, it can be difficult to guide athletes and their parents down the correct path for them. Do your athletes, students or children want to play sports in college? Did you know that there are 23 NCAA-sanctioned sports across three different divisions? Did you know that the college you want to attend may not offer the sport you want to play? Did you also know that to play sports at an NCAA recognized college or university there are certain academic requirements that your current high school courses may not meet? To make this process even more confusing, did you know that there are two other avenues to play sports in college aside from the NCAA each with different academic requirements? Gaining a thorough understanding of all the different avenues for high-school student-athletes to further their athletic careers is a fantastic way to empower athletes and their families to make the best possible choices for them.

SHAPE America recommends that all coaches, administrators, prospective student athletes and their parents consult these organizations directly to gain a more thorough understanding of what they are as a whole, the application process, their divisions, and other resources they offer to make the best possible selection for them. SHAPE America also recommends this NCAA webpage for more information.