Co-hosted by SHAPE America’s Western District and Central District
SEL Conference


July 31 - August 1, 2019

Convention Center at the Denny Sanford Premier Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

SHAPE America Professional Learning Institute

Types of Sessions


Sessions at this year's Professional Leaning Institute will highlight quality and innovative practices in our respective fields, are of national significance, are relevant to health, physical education or physical activity disciplines, and have a well-defined focus. Sessions of this type will be informal, interactive presentations that emphasize discussion.

Final Program CECH Approved Program List

Program Area Categories

The program at this year's Professional Learning Institute (PLI) will have a focus in the following programmatic areas:

  • Advocacy & Leadership - All submissions within this category should have advocacy as the primary focus. These sessions may include practical and applicable information that provide educational opportunities and facilitate an exchange of ideas. The focus will include, but not be limited to, legislative initiatives and policy issues as well as provide access to critical resources for teachers and administrators (adapted/disability/diversity) which benefit communities and schools. These resources will provide the framework for participants to learn how to increase their advocacy impact.
  • Relationship Skills – All submissions within this category should emphasize maintaining and enhancing positive relationships. Sessions may focus on teaching the skills of communication, working collaboratively with peers, resisting peer pressure, negotiating conflict or seeking help.
  • Self-Management and Awareness - All submissions within this category should focus on recognizing emotions and how they influence behavior, as well as regulating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations to achieve personal goals.
  • Social Awareness - All submissions within this category should focus on the ability to act and empathize with the perspective of others, including those of diverse backgrounds and cultures in HPE settings.
  • Physical Education (Standards 1, 2, & 3) – All submissions within this category should focus on the development and implementation of lessons related to SHAPE America’s National Standards 1, 2 & 3.
  • Health Education - All submissions within this category should emphasize strategies to manage and evaluate health education curricula and teachers, curriculum development/implementation and skills-based health education instructional strategies that meet the needs of all learners.

General Information Sessions

These SHAPE America-sponsored session topics may focus on outreach and communication to increase public awareness and understanding of issues that align with SHAPE America’s objectives.