General Information


Dates & Location

March 12-16, 2024
Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
300 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

About #SHAPECleveland

The SHAPE America National Convention & Expo is the country’s leading professional development event for health and physical education professionals.

Who Should Attend?

  • PreK-12 Educators
  • PETE/HETE Professionals
  • School/District Administrators
  • Researchers in HPE-Related Fields
  • State and District HPE Coordinators
  • PETE/HETE Students (“Future Professionals”)

Topical Areas:

  • Health Education - to include health promotion (such as staff wellness, self-care for educators, community health, etc.)
  • Physical Education - to include dance with PE programs and adapted physical education
  • Physical Activity - to include coaching, coaching education, dance outside of PE programs and adapted physical activity
  • Professional Preparation - to include pre-service teacher education and college/university physical activity programs
  • Research in the following categories:
    • Adapted Physical Education/Activity
    • Exercise Sciences
    • Measurement and Evaluation
    • Motivation and Psychology
    • Motor Behavior
    • Physical Activity and Health Promotion
    • Sociocultural and Social Justice
    • Sport and Coaching
    • Teaching and Learning