Concussion Task Force

SHAPE America’s Concussion Task Force was formed to provide resources that help PE teachers prevent and manage student concussions. The task force began by developing and executing a needs-assessment survey.

The survey was administered electronically and included in-service physical education teachers from 48 states and the District of Columbia (N = 404). It assessed practitioners’ knowledge of and attitudes about concussion, their awareness of concussion policy and legislation, and the kind of resources they desire.

Survey Results

Although the full results of the needs-assessment survey are not yet available, data related to practitioners’ desired resources is listed below. Based on this feedback, the first priority of the task force has been the creation of web-based information and resources.

Table 1. Desired Concussion Resources
Resource Number Percentage
A designated resource page on the website
287 71.0
An educational online webinar
214 53.0
A guidance document
228 56.4
A position statement
113 28.0
Links to general concussion information/resources
261 64.6
A document containing responses to frequently asked questions
225 55.7
Scenarios/case studies of how to respond to suspected concussions
188 46.5
In person sessions at the national convention
106 26.2
In person sessions at state/regional conventions
152 37.6
A checklist to reduce risk of concussion in physical education
291 72.0
A summary of risk/incidence in different sports
169 41.8

N = 404
NOTE: Number = number of participants agreeing that the strategy would be helpful; Percentage = percentage of respondents agreeing that the strategy would be helpful.