Physical Education Program Checklist

How can you improve learning outcomes in physical education? 
What can you do to ensure your physical education program is meeting the needs of all students?

SHAPE America's new guidance document gives teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists, teacher educators and parents a hands-on tool for improving the strength and quality of physical education across the nation.

Comprehensive and concise, here are just a few of the ways you can use the Physical Education Program Checklist to improve your program:

  • Get an honest assessment – This 19-point checklist will help you review and improve your program across the Essential Components of Physical Education, including policy and environment, curriculum, appropriate instruction, and student assessment.

  • Identify areas of opportunity – The checklist will point to the strengths and weaknesses in your program. Use the results to identify the resources that you will need to push your program forward.

  • Start an informed conversation – Once you've completed the checklist, take action to create a positive and inclusive learning environment for your students. Schedule a meeting with your school administrator to review the results and develop an action plan with relevant staff and colleagues.

Download the checklist