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November 9, 2022





2023 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo Ad

New Guidance Document


Social Justice in PETE/HETE


This new guidance document from SHAPE America provides foundational information for higher education professionals — specifically PETE and HETE faculty — to better understand why social justice is essential in the promotion of equitable health and physical education outcomes for all students. The document includes actionable items and practical examples at the program, instructor, student, and policy levels. 



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SHAPE America

Sandy Zimmerman, a record-breaking competitor on the popular television show American Ninja Warrior, will give the keynote presentation at  Opening General Session on Tuesday, March 28 at 4 p.m. Zimmerman, a former physical education teacher, will share her story of overcoming numerous obstacles as a child and throughout her life — and will inspire attendees to understand the positive impact they can make in students’ lives. 


Rollerblade Skate in School


Buy Rollerblade skates, gear & helmets at a discounted price and do in-line skating units anytime during the year in the School in School program. Lesson plans, instructional video & maintenance tips included. Optional in-service and storage solutions available. In over 2,000 schools nationwide!


SHAPE America

Check out the latest health. moves. minds.® calendars for activities your students can do throughout the month. These new calendars include popular activities like Pretzel Race, Army Crawl, 10 for Tuesday, and much more. Available for both elementary and secondary grade levels, these calendars are great to share with students and families! You can also download the calendars in Spanish. 


Gopher Equipment Checklist


Get a jump start on assessing your equipment back-to-school needs with this free equipment inventory checklist developed by Dr. Robert Pangrazi, author of Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary Students. Simply download as a printable PDF or digital interactive Google Sheet and make it your own!


SHAPE America

According to the NCAA’s demographics database in 2021, 6% of college athletes from all divisions were Hispanic/Latino. This study sought to explore how social class, gender, race, and generation intersect and shape Latina women’s sport experiences. Through interviews with female Latina athletes, researchers explored how these athletes began their sport careers, how their parents engaged with them and their sport, and their sport choice. 




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SHAPE America

SHAPE America’s “By You, For You” (BYFY) webinar series gives health and physical educators the opportunity to present to a national audience without having to physically travel to a conference location. Topics should relate to health and physical education, dance, recreation, or other relevant disciplines, with strategies and resources that participants can implement following the webinar. Proposal deadline: November 19. 




Cairn Guidance invites sports coaches that work with girls between the ages of 11-17 to participate in a research trial testing the Body Confident Athletes program — an in-person, coach-led program designed to boost girls’ body confidence. The program is delivered by coaches during sport practices between the months of January-May 2023. Coaches, girls and sports clubs/school programs will receive compensation for participating.


If you are a coach, or someone you know is interested in participating in this research, please complete  to obtain more information.


Questions? Contact Britnee Harvey at .

Peer to Peer


Health and physical educators across the country are sharing ideas, resources and more!


Check out the latest videos on our :

  • TOY Talk Tuesday, S3, Episode 4: 
    Paulo Ribeiro, SHAPE America’s 2022 National Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year, talks about the importance of integrating instant activities in PE classes. The use of instant activities contributes to students' learning including increasing engagement and motivation, improving students’ behavior and concentration, and maximizing MVPA. 
  • Unplugged S4, Episode 1: 
    SHAPE America CEO Stephanie Morris talks with Sally Jones, Brad Brummel, and Cory Dixon of SHAPE America’s National Physical Education Standards Task Force about where they are currently in the standards revision process (which began in 2021). 


The “fastest game on two feet” … baggataway … the creator’s game. No matter how you refer to it, lacrosse is a great game to teach your students in physical education class! 


Infusing Self-Advocacy Book Cover


SHAPE America’s latest text ties self-advocacy into social and emotional learning and provides ideas, strategies and activities to help infuse self-advocacy throughout health and PE curricula. It includes real-world scenarios, self-advocacy lessons, and more. If you want to help your students develop the skills they need to advocate for themselves, this book is for you.


News Around the Nation


Chico State Today

Kinesiology professor Cathrine Himberg launched PARADISE U (Physical Activity Reduces Anxiety and Depression, Improves the Stress-response and Energizes U) in 2019. Through decades of research, Himberg has long connected movement to overall wellness and was confident an immersive physical education program could do wonders for youth affected by the Camp Fire or just dealing with the stressors of everyday life. 


The Berkshire Eagle

A day at Canyon Ranch, the upscale health resort on a scenic sprawling estate, might seem like an unlikely outing for a few students from Lenox Memorial Middle and High School. In fact, it was a challenging round of strenuous activities — including a high ropes course and a climbing wall — for students taking the high school’s Outdoor Leadership and Recreation physical education class. 



A student in the Brody School of Medicine and a pediatric resident at East Carolina University Health have published their research on physical activity in adolescents attending rural schools. Their findings suggest that more physical education is needed in rural eastern North Carolina middle schools to meet the health needs of adolescents — and to address health disparities evident across those age groups. 



Among adolescents who only use e-cigarettes, the percentage who used the products within the first five minutes of waking up in a day was less than 1% between the years 2014 and 2017, but that shifted to 10.3% from 2017 through 2021, according to the study published Monday in the medical journal JAMA Network Open. This study’s findings suggest that e-cigarettes may be putting a new generation of adolescents at risk for nicotine addiction, and research has shown that many adolescents are unaware that most e-cigarettes contain nicotine. 

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