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New! Released: 2022
Best Practices in PETE/HETE
This document offers guidelines for preparing future professionals in health education and physical education regardless of the structure of the program or the degree level offered by the program. It includes evidence-based practices grounded in research and theory, with information that allows programs flexibility within their own context.


New! Released: 2022
Social Justice in PETE/HETE
Provides foundational information for PETE/HETE faculty to better understand why social justice is essential in the promotion of equitable health and physical education outcomes for all students. The document includes actionable items/practical examples at the program, instructor, student, and policy levels.


New! Released: 2022
Guidelines for Facilities, Equipment, Instructional Materials & Technology in K-12 Physical Education
This document guides K-12 physical educators during the program planning and curriculum adoption process — and when working with administration to advocate for and address program needs.


Appropriate Instructional Practice Guidelines
A side-by-side comparison, by grade level, of the Appropriate Instructional Practice Guidelines, K-12
The Essential Components of Physical Education
Recognized as essential to a young person’s overall education experience.

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