Online (Backyard) Advocacy Day 2020

Across the country, school districts are developing reopening plans for the upcoming school year. And, while these plans vary from district to district, there is one message we want all local leaders and administrators to hear loud and clear:

Health and physical education is essential for students’ physical, mental and social-emotional health — and now, more than ever, it’s vital to prioritize students’ health and well-being.

Please join us on July 16 for our Online (Backyard) Advocacy Day. This is your chance to voice your views to local representatives and ensure that health and physical education stays at the forefront of back to school planning. 

3 Ways to Support Health and Physical Education right NOW

Get educated on your state/district reentry plans

SHAPE America's School Reentry Considerations for Health, Physical Education and Physical Activity can be found here along with other resources to help you plan for back to school. Use this Google Map to find state specific reentry guidelines.

Email a letter to your superintendent & school board

Letter writing is one of the most successful advocacy tools you have! We have crafted an example for you to use or edit to fit your needs!

Advocate on social media

Tag members of your school board, your superintendent, state leaders and more to share your message. Be sure to use the hashtag #SHAPEAdvocacy. We have messages on this page to help you get started!

Help Get the Word Out on Social Media

Since 2016, we have reached more than 1 million social media accounts with our message to Congress! This year we are focusing on the local influencers in your neighborhoods, school districts and states. Research and contact your school board members, superintendents, state leaders, and any other decision makers directly and on social media to advocate for health education & physical education. 


  • Students will do their best when they’re active + healthy! Support #HPE! Participate in @SHAPE_America’s Online Backyard Advocacy Day! #SHAPEAdvocacy

  • Health + PE are part of a student’s well-rounded education + support their path to health + physical literacy. #SHAPEAdvocacy (Tag your superintendent and school board members) 

  • I help prepare students to live their best life! I strongly urge you to support health and physical education

  • Research shows students want to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle and value health and PE! #SHAPEAdvocacy

  • Health and Physical Education is essential for students' physical, mental and social-emotional health! #SHAPEAdvocacy


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