Tuesday, March 20, 8-10 PM, Legends Ballroom D, Omni Hotel

What do you get when you cross a mystery kit of great PE equipment, a team of health and physical educators, and limited time for building lesson plans and activities? The SHAPE America #PHYSED Chopped Challenge!

This interactive and collaborative team-building event is hosted by SHAPE America and presented by co-creators, physical educators Sarah Gietschier-Hartman; @GHSaysRockChalk and Betsey Caldwell; @SEA_PETeacher.

The winning team gets to keep all the equipment used during the competition!

  • Ten groups of six teachers each will compete in a three-round contest.
  • Each round includes: instant activity, skill lesson and review/closure
  • The teams must use all of the equipment in the mystery kit to create a game or activity that fits within the theme of each round. Once the equipment is revealed, teams will be able to check it out at their leisure but there will be limited time to create their first activity.
  • When time is up, each group will quickly present their idea to everyone, including the judges.
  • Using scoring rubrics, four judges will rate each activity based on creativity, use of the equipment, and presentation.
  • Four teams will be "chopped" from the first round.
  • This format will continue throughout the event.
  • Three teams will be "chopped" from the second round, and two teams will be "chopped" from the third round.

Winning Team..
The winning team will be named the first-ever SHAPE America #PhysEdChopped Champions and split all of the equipment provided by our event sponsor, Sportime featuring SPARK, a category of School Specialty. Follow #SHAPENashville for an opportunity to sign up!