Your Passport to Prizes!

New for 2018! Attendees will receive a #SHAPENashville Expo Tour Booklet in their conference tote bag. Visit each participating exhibitor and ask or perform the provided question or activity to obtain a music-themed sticker for your Tour Booklet. Once all stickers have been collected (in the corresponding boxes), Tour Booklets may be deposited into a drop-box located in the SHAPE America Resource Center.

Tour booklets must be turned in by 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 23 in order to be eligible for the prize drawing.

Participating Exhibitors

Booth # Exhibiting Organization
225 University of Arkansas Online
501 USTA
526 ADA Sports®
617 Tennessee Tech University
701 Polar
718 XtremeStax
732 Marathon Kids
831 BOKS
901 US Games
1006 American Heart Association
1113 Foundational Fitness, Inc.
1023 RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance


  1. Hip Hop in a Box ($89.95 value) – donated by RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance
  2. Polar A370 ($200 value) – donated by Polar
  3. Set of 6 ADA® Super Squish Balls ($102 value) – donated by ADA Sports®
  4. Marathon Kids Nike Backpack ($80 value) – donated by Marathon Kids
  5. Set of 4 XtremeStax ($300 value) – donated by XtremeStax
  6. Net Generation Duffle Bag ($45 value) – donated by USTA
  7. One (1) 2019 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo Full Convention Registration, including a one-year SHAPE America Select Professional Membership ($500 value) – donated by SHAPE America

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