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Exhibit Hall Door Prizes

Look for Door Prize signage by the Exhibit Hall entrance, SHAPE America Resource Center and in participating exhibitor’s booths. Scan the QR code on Door Prize signage and complete an entry form to be entered to win! Limit one entry per prize per day. Door prize entries must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 30.

Door prize winners will be announced on signage at the Exhibit Hall entrance, the SHAPE America Resource Center, and the participating exhibitor's booths beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 31.

Sportime Sport Parachutes, Assorted, Set of 3

$200 value

Great for small groups of 2 to 3 participants, this 5-foot diameter Sport parachute has 6 web handles that double stitched for a strong hold on the polyester parachute. Each parachute represents a ball style (Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer Ball).

One (1) lucky winner will be drawn.

Sponsored by:

School Sports Stopwatch Kits

$586.50 value

Each Kit includes 25 stopwatches with extra batteries.

Up to ten (10) lucky winners will be drawn.

Sponsored by:

#SHAPEseattle Scavenger Hunt Game

The #SHAPEseattle Scavenger Hunt Game is designed to drive engagement between attendees and exhibitors during the convention.

  1. Visit each of the 12 participating exhibitor booths highlighted in your Scavenger Hunt Game Book (provided at registration) and either answer the provided question or complete the requested activity.
  2. Have the exhibitor place a sticker in the correct box on the back cover of your Game Book.
  3. Once you have all 12 stickers, tear off the back cover, add your contact information, and drop the page in the game box at the SHAPE America Resource Center. All entries must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 30 to be eligible for the prize drawing. One entry per attendee permitted.

Prize drawing winners will be announced on signage at the Exhibit Hall entrance and in the SHAPE America Resource Center beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 31.

19 Chances to Win!

PrizeSpark*ED Self-Paced Course Bundle

$1000 value

# of Prizes: 1

Six Spark*ED sex educator professional development self-paced online courses, including: Teaching Sexuality, Teaching Abstinence and Birth Control, Teaching Sexual Anatomy & Physiology, Teaching STIs & HIV, Teaching Relationships & Birth Control, Teaching LGBTQ+ Inclusive and Affirming Sex Ed.

Donated by Spark*ED

School Tennis Equipment Kit

$750 value

# of Prizes: 1

Net Generation large equipment kit that includes racquets, balls, rolls of barrier tape, chalk and a large roller bag.

Donated by United States Tennis Association

HealthSmart Skills-Based Health Curriculum

$700 value

# of Prizes: 1

Middle School or High School Health Curriculum set.

Donated by ETR — HealthSmart

2024 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo Full Convention Registration

$540 value

# of Prizes: 1

Enjoy a complimentary Full Convention registration for the 2024 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo, March 12-16, 2024 in Cleveland, OH, including a one-year SHAPE America Select Professional Membership.

Donated by SHAPE America

Single Rope Program

$200 value

# of Prizes: 1

Single Rope Program filled with 43 skills, combos, routines and more! You’ll receive the PDF Packet and online access to the program!

Donated by Learnin’ The Ropes

Professional Development Videos

$200 value

# of Prizes: 1

Access to 5 professional development videos on how to teach outdoor adventure activities!

Donated by Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation

QuickShot Tour Portable Disc Golf Target

$189 value

# of Prizes: 2

Take your disc golf unit on tour and set up a course in minutes using a folding, portable target! Each target is fully assembled and measure 34-1/4” L x 34-1/4” W x 54-1/4” H; 28 lb.

Donated by Gopher

Rollerblade In-Line Skate Package

$125 value

# of Prizes: 1

Pair of Rollerblade in-line skates, helmet and protective gear.

Donated by Rollerblade Skate In School

Heart Tech Plus 4.0 Optical Sensor

$84.99 value

# of Prizes: 1

The Heart Tech Plus optical sensor tracks heart rate and steps when paired with the HTP Group or HTP Home Apps. All data collected can be uploaded to the new HTP web portal.

Donated by Heart Tech Plus

Food Detective Workshop-in-a-Box

$50 value

# of Prizes: 5

The Food Detective Workshop-in-a-Box will include everything you’ll need for a 4th grade classroom to experience our learning standards aligned nutrition workshop. Students will follow our animated heroes, Chip and Dip, to learn how to see through food marketing, read labels and ingredient lists, and become empowered to make smart choices about the foods they eat.

Donated by Beecher’s Foundation

Rollga Roller

$44.99 value

# of Prizes: 4

“The EVERYDAY” original Rollga Roller™ is the only patented, contoured foam roller in the world with 4-D technology™ (the curves work in all planes of motion over time). The iconic Rollga Roller has been shown scientifically to improve flexibility by 22% while providing relief from back pain, shin splints, and many other injuries. Our self-care tools are designed to reach muscles and Rollga Pressure Points™ with great precision to unlock Physical, Emotional & Cognitive Potential. The Rollga Method™ teaches the most effective pressure points in the body to improve concentration and memory, increase blood flow and circulation, while also decreasing excess stress and anxiety. Unlock the tremendous benefits of infusing pressure point techniques into your K-12 physical education curricula and learn how to use the Rollga™ products and techniques as social and emotional tools to improve overall health and wellness.

Donated by Rollga

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