Fuel Up to Play 60 NFL FLAG-In-Schools Training

As part of GENYOUth’s partnership with SHAPE America, NFL FLAG-In-Schools trainers will lead a special pre-conference session for pre-registered conference attendees. The session will be free and accommodate up to 200 attendees. Each attendee will be shipped an NFL FLAG-In-Schools kit in the fall of 2019. The session will last 3 hours and will include speakers, the training itself, and a healthy snack.



Location: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Facility, located at 1 Buccaneer Place in Tampa

Shuttle transportation will be provided between the Convention Center and the Training Facility.


  • Welcome and Introductions: Trainers and Event Staff
  • Training: Trainers will break down the 10-week lesson skills and diagrams
  • Trainers will use volunteers to demonstrate the drills throughout the lessons. Active participation will be encouraged, based on space and equipment on hand. Discussion and questions will take place in between drills.

    Activities to be demonstrated during curriculum portion:

    • Lesson 1 (Elem) - Flag Tag, Team Touchdown- Flag Pulling
    • Lesson 2 (Elem)- Partner Poly Pass- Throwing the Football
    • Lesson 4 (Elem)- Hook, Slant, GO- Pass Patterns, Catching the Football
    • Lesson 3 (MS)- Post, Flag, Drag
    • Lesson 6 (Elem)- Partner Punting Practice- Punting
    • Lesson 9 & 10 (Elem)- Small-sided Game Play- Lead-Up to NFL FLAG
    • Lesson 1 & 2 (MS)- Star Drill, Agility Ladders- Defense/Agility
    • Lesson 4 (MS)- Angle of Pursuit- Ball Carrying, Defense
    • Lessons 6-9 (MS)- Quick Explanation- Prepare Offense and Defense for Game Play
  • Water/Snack Break
  • Game Play Demonstration: Trainers will provide teaching/coaching points and explanation as the short games are played.
  • Conclusion: Recap and Questions

or call 800-424-5249